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Ethics, Transparency and Statutes in Civil Recovery – Op/Ed


By Stuart Levine, CFI, CFCI and CEO of THE ZELLMAN GROUP

Retail Civil Recovery has been used by retailers in the US since 1987. It has brought over one billion dollars back to retailers.  When properly run within local, state, and federal guidelines, Civil Recovery can be risk adverse.   Recently, many retailers have experienced a lack of transparency and ethics with their Civil Recovery providers.  Several are now subjected to Federal lawsuits or have not received the recovery dollars owed them.  These situations are a symptom of rouge service providers who failed to follow Federal TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) or did not put ethics and transparency first.  In any retailer/service provider relationship, ethics are non-negotiable and must always be unyielding.

Each State has clearly defined statutes that outline recovery amounts, special language required, juvenile guidelines, and delivery instructions. Many of these statutes have been challenged in the local, state, and federal courts.  In each case the statutes have withstood the challenge.  Brick and mortar retailers continue to experience budgetary restrictions.  Civil Recovery has proven to bring dollars back into the business. Don’t discontinue your Civil Recovery program, simply hold your provider to a higher standard.


Below is a link to the Op/Ed as it appeared in the D&D Daily: