‘Tis the Season – for Customer Service

‘Tis the Season – for Customer Service

As the temperature goes down and Christmas lights come up, it’s official – the holiday season is upon us.

For most this means office gift exchanges, holiday parties, and long lines in department stores. If you work in the retail industry you know this means something quite different. The one month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the “busy season,” the time that can make or break a retailer’s entire year.

During this month, there is high pressure on retailers to maximize sales while maintaining the best customer service. This already exhausting balancing act becomes much worse with the addition of crowds with high expectations. Retailers must maintain timely and accurate inventory availability while handling and assisting all customer concerns and needs. This pressure has become increasingly worse in recent years due to the changes in consumer expectations. We live in a world of immediate response and same day delivery. There is no room for excuses and this is only heightened during the holiday rush.

As a service provider, we feel this residual pressure from our clients, the same way they work to please shoppers we work to please them. Although these are very stressful times we must remember that for our clients the stakes are much higher. It is our obligation to our clients to be prepared to assist and accommodate all of their needs because in the long run their success is our success.

During the holiday season, we must remember to always keep a level head and positive attitude when working through client questions and concerns. This is the time to really exemplify what it means to “treat each of our clients as our only client,” putting our best foot forward. As a service provider reputation is everything and this is the time to make it count.

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