TZG’s Holiday Tip Guide

TZG’s Holiday Tip Guide

If you work in retail you know that the holidays are a time for high sales and high shrinkage. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2015 the retail industry lost about $32  billion due to shoplifting, employee and vendor theft, and organized retail crime. Between the months of November and January, the amount of shoplifting arrests increases by about 10%. Retailers must be vigilant in order to combat shoplifting during this already hectic time. We have created a list of tips for things to look out for during the holiday rush:

  • Customer Service. Treating all shoppers with respect and attention will not only increase sales but will also deflect shoplifting. Shoplifters are less likely to steal from stores in which they receive a high level of customer service.

  • Temporary or Part Time Employees. During the holiday rush, it is customary to hire temporary employees for the holiday season. But, due to the lack of incentive of full time work or company loyalty, many employees see this as an opportunity to steal. Train your regular full time employees to be aware of this potential risk.

  • Quick Change Artists. Train your associates on Quick Change Artists and how to detect counterfeit bills. Learn more at  US Currency Resource Center.

  • Gift Card Fraud. Remember to follow your company guidelines on the amount of gift cards that can be purchased at one time. Gift cards are often purchased on stolen credit cards causing eventual charge backs. It is often suspicious if a shopper is spending more than $500 on gift cards at one time.

  • Fraudulent Credit Cards. Be aware of fraudulent credit cards. If a credit card does not have a chip or is having difficulties swiping, do not key in the card numbers. This could mean that the card is fraudulent. Follow the Visa and MasterCard merchant rules and guidelines.

  • Physical Security. Physical security is the easiest way to take preventative measures against shoplifting. This includes keeping register and refund areas clear, keeping shopping bags away from customer reach, using technology such as CCTV and EAS, and instating a mandatory bag check policy.

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