WYNTK – What You Need to Know

WYNTK – What You Need to Know

We live in a world of acronyms.

A world where OMG, LOL, BRB, and TTYL are common vernacular amongst not only teens, but people of all ages. With smartphones and technology making up such a large role in how we communicate, acronyms have become second nature. Acronyms are not just playing a role in our social interactions but also in our day to day work life.

Often, we forget that many of these terms are very industry specific and are not understood by everyone within an organization or across the field. In the Loss Prevention world, there are many different jobs with tasks and responsibilities greatly vary. To help create a sense of mutual awareness and understanding of jargon we wanted to break it down.

There are those that are more universal:

IT – Information Technology

LP – Loss Prevention

RLP – Retail Loss Prevention

QA – Quality Assurance

And those that are more specific:

EMV – Europay, MasterCard and Visa

EBR – Exception Based Reporting

ORC- Organized Retail Crime

LPQ- Loss Prevention Qualified

LPC- Loss Prevention Certified

LPM- Loss Prevention Manager

LPA-Loss Prevention Agent

The most important acronym to remember is TZG – The Zellman Group, that’s what you need to know.