Additional Services

Operational & LP Consulting

Utilizing the expertise of our team of Loss Prevention professionals, The Zellman Group offers consulting support with company-wide collaboration. Our team has the pulse on industry-wide best practices in the retail, food & beverage and hospitality arenas. Policies and procedures are the lifeblood of a company. Internal controls are the key to accountability and promoting consistency. Whether a company is large or small, it should develop a policy and procedure manual that is continuously updated as needed to guide its employees, and connect the company’s vision to daily operations.

Consulting Includes:

as-1Policy & Procedure Manuals

  • Daily Procedures
  • Register Procedures
  • Cash Handling
  • Loss Prevention
  • Facilities
  • File Retention
  • Security
  • Inventory Control

as-2Training & Awareness Programs

  • Target Programs/ High Shrink Programs
  • Awareness Posters & Plexiboards
  • Custom Documentation for Meetings & Presentations


If data analysis and/or other information show sufficient evidence that a potential dishonest employee exists, The Zellman Group can provide report details to your internal Loss Prevention team, or we can handle the investigation upon your authorization. Investigations can be done on location, or through telephonic interviews. A case report is provided upon the completion of our investigation, and we can coordinate police involvement if necessary. Furthermore, our clients are named as additional insured on our $2 million Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy. All of our investigators are fully trained and certified annually. Their skill at interviewing can result in increased admissions, restitution, and prosecution (if desired). This not only puts an end to the situation, you may also recover lost funds – building a compelling ROI for your loss prevention program investments.

Mystery Shopping

You’ve carefully designed your operation to present a certain image. You’ve invested time and money in training your employees to have optimal customer contact. But how can you know what really happens day-to-day? Zellman’s customer service shopping program takes the mystery out of sales floor interactions and customer service expectation compliance. Tap into our network of thousands of shoppers nationwide, all trained in our observational and reporting techniques. Shops can occur as frequently as you wish. Evaluators are assigned based on location and once shops have been completed they go through a 2 part editing system and delivered to your team electronically.

Leverage our experience and technology

Our web portal can provide your team with the ability to enter self-audits. Comprehensive reporting allows for an in-depth analysis of your organization.

Company Overview

A snapshot of your audit or mystery shopping program. Managers can display reports based on their access level, including overall and sectional scores.

Quick Ranking

A quick way to assess performance, this report allows you to rank locations, districts, and regions by overall score or by sub-section scores.

Regional Heatmap

A geographic report that displays scores and number of evaluations conducted by state, with the ability to drill-down to individual county results.

Who’s Hot? Who’s Not?

A spotlight on the strongest and weakest performers in your organization. Highlights the high and low scorers and the biggest movers.

Custom Dashboard

Create your own display based on your specific needs. Drag and drop modules into place and organize information however you want.

Top and Bottom Questions

A list of the highest and low scoring questions helps you quickly identify specific ways your locations are succeeding or struggling.


Our audit offerings provide insight into your field organization’s compliance with policies and procedures. They policies and procedures are the lifeblood of your company. Our auditors can help maintain uniformity company-wide and aid in identifying training issues.


Keep your finger on the pulse of compliance every day. Structured field audits can provide non-biased insight and an objective review of each store’s compliance with the company’s operational and loss prevention policies & procedures.


Acting as your outsourced media audit department, our auditors review all sales media sent in by your locations. We substantiate transactional compliance as it relates to your policies and procedures and store all media for you.


On a daily basis, we verify that all bank deposits and credit card sales are made to the appropriate banking center and reconcile applicable accounts. We also manage all chargebacks. Together, this process provides immediate insight into discrepancies.