The Zellman Group’s data analysts are industry-recognized leaders with expertise in a wide array of analytics tools for the retail, hospitality, and food & beverage industries.

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DID YOU KNOW the retail industry loses an estimated $13.95 billion annually to POS fraud.?


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Increase ROI with the power of data

We take a system-agnostic approach, which means that we’re focused on results, not on being beholden to a particular software suite.

Our data analysts will work with you to select the best EBR software for your business or improve the performance of an already-integrated system.

This is a collaborative effort between you and us. After all, you are the expert on your business and we will help gear results toward you organization. Using customized metrics and KPI’s, we identify exceptions from multiple data sources and provide information on those disparities. 

Our analytics team will reduce company losses and generate long-term ROI.

DID YOU KNOW businesses lose an estimated $3.1 billion annually in Loyalty Program fraud?    

*Gartner Fraud Report