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Victim Impact Statements

The right Victim Impact Statement must describe not just the financial loss of the theft, but the harm caused by the crime. There is a science to writing an effective statement—one we have perfected.

Every Necessary Detail

Follow-through is the key to success.

A thoroughly researched and written Victim Impact Statement ensures increased recovery.

That's why we verify that every necessary detail goes into your Victim Impact Statement so your company's total losses are documented and considered. We also manage timing so the presiding jurisdiction receives your statement by the proper deadline and take care of follow-up if  any additional information or changes are requested.

Zellman offers an unparalleled attention to detail to maximize your recovery efforts.

DID YOU KNOW greater than 40% of Victim Impact Statements for shoplifter and dishonest employee prosecution are not returned to courts, negating the opportunity to recover monies.