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Merely reacting to suspicious online transactions leaves most merchants one step behind fast-moving fraudsters-and exposes them to potential losses in the card-not-present environment. Our fraud tool, Zelligent provides a proactive, strategic approach to fraud management that helps prevent fraud before it occurs with our all-in-one, SaaS platform. Zelligent, powered by Kount, provides on-line merchants with the most robust fraud fighting tools available. Zelligent focuses on accuracy, speed, simplicity and value to accept more orders and increase sales.



A Strategic Approach to Fraud and Risk Management




Analyze hundreds of variables associated with each transaction to detect fraud and risky behavior before losses occur. Real-time response guarantees a friction-free checkout process.

  • Zelligent Fraud Score
  • Order Linking
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Persona Technology
  • Proxy Piercing
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile Device Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Link Analysis


Develop and manage a customized fraud strategy that dovetails with your business needs. Process transactions based on your specific business rules and tolerance for risk.

  • Create rules
  • Manage rules
  • Custom Scores
  • Shopping Cart Data
  • Auto Decisioning
  • Velocity Limits
  • Multi-Channel Strategies
  • Flexible APIs
  • Affiliate Monitoring


Comprehensive support and best practices maximize operational efficiency. Easily manage the flow of transactions through the system, interact with risk managers and connect with critical business systems such as logistics and accounting.

  • Workflow Management
  • Case Management
  • Verification & Authentication
  • Manual Review Auto Agent
  • Bank Information
  • Enterprise Web Services
  • 3rd Party Data Callouts


Our suite of Managed Service offerings is designed to improve your on-line customer service, boost sales, and protect your reputation. Our team led by a forensic investigator and eCommerce behavior analyst can convert your rules to equal better business! Zellman can consult on transactional behavior for you to control or handle your orders with our suite of managed services.

Rule Setting

After the initial rules configuration and first adjustment, The Zellman Group can complete subsequent rule configurations to ensure a low false positive rate, reduce your risk, and quickly adjust to industry trends.

Order Review

The Zellman Group will manually review all orders that are flagged for decision based on real-time data available in Zelligent. Our team can handle customer interaction via our cutting edge call center.

Customer Care

Utilizing Zelligent, our team will build reporting and metrics to provide high level analysis to your eCommerce strategy. This analysis will decrease your fraud and increase your good customer conversion rate.