Risk-Averse Loss Prevention Solutions

Civil Recovery, ORC Recovery, OSINT, Data Analytics & More

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The Zellman Group is the world’s premier loss prevention solution.

Our services range from risk-averse Civil Recovery, OSINT, and ORC Recovery to leveraging Exception-Based Reporting and POS-driven Data Analytics to develop data-driven strategies and increase client ROI.

Providing solutions since 1997, we support clients in the retail, hospitality, food & beverage, and numerous other industries recoup losses, streamline operations, and reduce shrink.


Civil Demand & Restitution

Retail, hospitality, and food & beverage organizations sustain losses every day—not just due to theft, but as a result of the associated costs of protecting themselves from theft and pursuing perpetrators. Civil recovery statutes allow organizations to seek damages and restitution for sustained losses.

The Zellman Group specializes in risk-averse, client-first Civil Demand and Restitution. Led by general counsel Michael Ira Asen and supported by a team of U.S. and Canadian attorneys, we handle Civil Recovery, Restitution, Court-Ordered Restitution, ORC Recovery, and Victim Impact Statements. 

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End-to-end ORC prevention

Open Source Intelligence & Organized Retail Crime 

Organized retail crime is the professional theft of significant amounts of merchandise as part of a criminal enterprise. This is not mere petty theft—this is a sophisticated operation that costs businesses billions of dollars every year.

The Zellman Group is the only end-to-end solution for ORC Investigations and Recovery, combining cutting edge forensic research and an industry-leading investigative team to stop criminal enterprises that can damage your bottom line.

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Data-Driven Solutions

Analytics & Exception-Based Reporting

Operational non-compliance, fraud, and theft can cost a businesses millions of dollars a year, making you less profitable and less competitive. 

Zellman has the expertise to leverage exception-based reporting to parse the complex data you need to optimize your business.

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What Point of Sale Data Can Reveal About Your Retail Business

Monitoring point of sale (POS) data can reveal prescient insights into sales trends, inventory, internal fraud and loss, and valuable training opportunities for staff of your retail business.

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Taking a Fair Approach to Restitution to Ensure Recovery

Objective documentation of internal theft and fraud and partnering with a third-party loss prevention firm can assure the restitution process, a retailer’s tool for recouping monetary losses, is fair and effective.

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Why Exception-Based Reporting Is Crucial for Restaurant Operators

Exception-based reporting empowers restaurant operators to cut out operational inefficiencies, overcome training gaps, save money, and address internal fraud head-on.

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