Legislation to Help Retailers Combat Organized Retail Crime

Legislation to Help Retailers Combat Organized Retail Crime

There is potentially good news for retailers across California this week.

An article in The Los Angeles Times reports that retailers and law enforcement support amending , Proposition 47, a voter initiative that reduced drug possession and some theft to misdemeanors. This legislation is lead by Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D- Elk Grove), who states that this measure, “…has spurred organized crime rings to target retailers and hurt consumers.”

Assemblyman Copper’s legislation would increase penalties for repeated theft on businesses by making it a felony to steal $950 worth of property in a year. Under Proposition 47, a theft would have to involve $950 worth of property in one single incident to be considered a felony.

This bill is sponsored by the California Grocers Association, the California Police Chiefs Association, and Crime Victims United California. “If approved by the Legislature, it would have to head to the ballot for approval by voters as it seeks to amend the state Constitution,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

According to Cooper in a press conference on Tuesday Proposition 47, “has emboldened and encouraged a culture among career criminals to participate in coordinated and deliberate acts of repeated theft.”

This legislation could help combat the epidemic that is Organized Retail Crime. For the first time ever, the National Retail Federation reports that 100 percent of retailers surveyed believe their companies have been victims of organized retail crime, 83 percent said ORC activity had increased in the previous 12 months.

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