What Point of Sale Data Can Reveal About Your Retail Business

November 05, 2021

Monitoring point of sale (POS) data can reveal prescient insights into sales trends, inventory, internal fraud and ...

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Why Exception-Based Reporting Is Crucial for Restaurant Operators

August 19, 2021

Exception-based reporting empowers restaurant operators to cut out operational inefficiencies, overcome training gaps, save money, and address internal fraud head-on.

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How Leveraging Third-Party Analytics Maximizes Efficiencies in Retail, Food, & Hospitality

July 01, 2021

Utilizing third-party analytics can reduce fraud, shrink and waste in the retail, food, and hospitality industries, and bolster the effectiveness of marketing efforts, with comprehensive data analysis.

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Improving Your Business Through Data Analytics Consulting

June 08, 2021

Data analytics consulting helps your team optimize operations, improve supply chains, predict customer behaviors, reduce shrink, and analyze invaluable real-time metrics.

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