LP Analytics

What is Exception Reporting?

Exception Reporting analyzes your data and identifies anomalies that can be harming your business. The process typically uses thresholds and rules set by you to identify operational inefficiencies, internal fraud, training gaps, loyalty program abuse, sales opportunities, labor savings, and much more.

Managed Services


Shrink, theft, and non-compliance can cost a business millions of dollars every year, which not only makes you less profitable, it can make you less competitive. Regardless of your current infrastructure, The Zellman Group can help you reduce your company’s losses and provide a return on investment with our EBR tool implementation, data analytics and training programs.


The Zellman Group’s Loss Prevention analysts are industry-recognized leaders who have expertise with a wide array of analytics tools for the retail, hospitality and food & beverage industries. Our system agnostic approach provides your organization with results geared specifically for your operation, comparing exceptions from multiple data sources against each other to identify and report disparity. Zellman’s dedicated, experienced data analysts identify high risk exceptions and hidden issues to generate quick and long-term ROI.


  • Voids, Line Voids, Cancels
  • Refunds/Exchanges
  • Discount Abuse
  • Tender Manipulation
  • Commission Fraud
  • “and many more”


  • Retail Stores
  • Food & Beverage
  • Quick Serve
  • Table Serve
  • Room Charges
  • Front Desk


  • Voids, Error Corrects, Cancels
  • Sales Less than Minimum
  • Negative Checks
  • Discount Abuse
  • Tip Manipulation
  • “and many more”

Consulting & Training

The Zellman Group’s Loss Prevention team consists of experts in implementation consulting and the customization of programs to meet your needs. The Zellman Group completes a full assessment to optimize your use of your EBR tool or help you implement a new tool.

  • Data Configuration/Mapping
  • Set Alerts
  • Set Thresholds
  • Create Dynamic Groupings
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Operational Recommendations/Best Practices.

Training deliverables include:

  • Building Reports
  • Analyzing Results
  • Actionable Next Steps
  • Investigations Training



  • Policy Assessment
  • Review Hardware Requirements
  • Data Configuration/Mapping
  • Format Master Tables
  • Project Management
  • Q & A Testing
  • End User Acceptance


  • Set Alerts & Thresholds
  • Create Dynamic Groupings
  • Modify Existing Reports
  • Recommend New Queries
  • Recommend New Reports


  • Building Reports
  • Analyzing Results
  • Actionable Next Steps
  • Investigations Training