The NRF has released their ORC Survey Report for 2020. Read more here.

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OSINT & ORC Investigations

Zellman combines cutting edge forensic Open Source Intelligence with proven investigative techniques to help clients secure financial recovery.

Leveraging the power of the web

Open Source Intelligence is a complex, rich resource for theft investigations.

The concurrent rise of social media and ecommerce has given retail thieves new avenues to mastermind new means of significant retail theft and hit businesses where it matters most: their profit margins. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) allows you to monitor potential and active threats to your business.

Leveraging OSINT requires extensive knowledge, time, and resources. Locating and utilizing the information found via OSINT is resource-intensive, challenging, and absolutely essential.

DID YOU KNOW that data sourced from public records can provide an endless supply of information? But it takes a trained investigator to harvest meaningful information relevant to an investigation.

What is Organized Retail Crime?

Organized retail crime is above and beyond petty theft—it’s a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise.

Organized retail crime is the professional theft of significant amounts of merchandise as part of a criminal enterprise. ORC is a sophisticated system with vast teams ranging from thieves on the front lines to fences, middle managers, and high-level leaders.

DID YOU KNOW ORC costs retailers more than $700,000 per $1 billion in sales.

*NRF ORC survey

The image above was taken during the investigation of a $50 million ORC operation.
Beyond petty theft

Criminal rings target any items that have resale value, such as designer clothes, home beauty aides, home goods, gift cards, over-the-counter medicines, and electronics.

Organized Retail Crime is a gravely serious, high-cost crime that costs the retail industry more than $30 billion a year.

According to experts, ORC perpetrators are getting more aggressive with each passing year, hitting retailers both large and small the world over.