The Importance of Living Your Values

The Importance of Living Your Values

Nowadays it seems like it has become mandatory business practice to have a company mission statement.

Company mission statements are seen as a standard or a code of conduct for all aspects of the business. Although most businesses have these statements prepared, not all practice what they preach.

As a business, ethics will always be the most important part of your business from an internal and external point of view. Being honest, accountable, and reliable will always ensure the trust that is needed not only by clients, but also by employees. Living by these standards will create a credibility that is needed to be successful inside and outside of your company doors.

Trust is the most important thing while building client relationships. Clients want to work with a business that has their best interest in mind. A business that sees this relationship was an equal partnership, where both sides will gain. Not only clients look for this trust in a business, employees also want to work for a business that is ethically sound and values their employee’s hard work. A company that lives its values sets a standard for all employees. A company that does not live by its values sends the message that a mission statement is merely words and not the standard to adhere by.

Here at The Zellman Group we have our own mission statement and core values that we live by as an organization.  Our mission is to provide our clients with a third party perspective, while preventing loss, maintaining consistency, and maximizing profitability. We work together to service each of our clients by creating a partnership that is unique to their ideals. It is our mission to work as a team, internally and externally, treating each of our clients as our only client. On top of our mission statement we also have five core values: Accountability, Group Leadership, Passion, Innovation, and Commitment.

We know the importance of transparency with our clients and employees and hold ourselves accountable to living all of our values on a daily basis. Living our values has helped us grow into a successful business over the last twenty years.

Find us at and see for yourself how our ethics and values make us different.